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Let's hear from our UpBeat Fitness members!

“SHiNE w/Anne-Marie is the absolute highlight of my week! She is an amazing instructor and her passion is contagious. I leave every class with a smile on my face wishing that an hour was a little bit longer. Thank you Anne-Marie!"


What You Have To Say

Jen W.

"Anne-Marie is such an engaging instructor full of energy that she makes the time fly by. When I finish class I always have a smile and feel better. Highly recommend UpBeat Fitness whether online or in person for your chance to Shine!"


"I love SHiNE with Anne-Marie. Her classes are so fun and for any age. I love how she incorporates the levels option one and two...beginners and advanced. Her passion brings a smile to everyone in class... thank you Anne-Marie."


"At SHiNE with Anne-Marie we always have lots of laughs and fun. It's a full body workout and I feel strong and more confident at the end of each class!"


"If you are looking for a challenging workout that is fun and makes the time fly, this is for you. I am a 50-something student with a new hip replacement and although I’ve been discouraged at times, Anne-Marie provides options and keeps it fun.
Always looking to improve, she asks for feedback and implements it. Her organized but carefree style makes me feel like I can make mistakes and have an off or low-energy day without judgment. She is backed by Janelle who also provides instruction from time to time, making it a class with variety as well as high energy and a lot of laughs."


Pink Sugar

"Anne-Marie's classes are always amazing. Even when I am feeling down or tired, I never regret showing up. SHiNE is the most upbeat and fun cardio dance I have done and I am grateful to Anne-Marie for continuing to bring it into my life."


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