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What is SHiNE Dance Fitness™?

SHiNE™ is a dance fitness exercise program that is getting global recognition for its simple yet effective choreography that is sure to make you sweat with a smile on your face. The choreography is rooted in traditional jazz, ballet and hip-hop and is designed for all dance abilities. We start class with our signature SHiNE warm-up and then increase intensity as the class progresses.


This high energy, booty shakin' class will give you a full body workout while dancing to the best pop and hip-hop music out there.The SHiNE dance floor is open to EVERY BODY. No dance experience necessary…. come as you are! 

What is UPLIFT™?

SHiNE Dance Fitness has cracked the code to create a strength-training program that’s the perfect balance of effective and HELLA FUN! In fact, UPLIFT so much fun it turns fitness LOATHERS into LOVERS and LOVERS into ADDICTS. This is not a dance class, but each routine is choreographed to iconic music, and when safety isn’t compromised, you’re likely to find a booty shake or shimmy. 

A 1-hour UPLIFT class starts with a cardio warm-up and transitions to standing routines with equipment, alternating between upper and lower body. A balance track is included after you’ve fatigued your muscles which is challenging, rewarding, and a welcome change of pace before transitioning to the mat. We complete the workout with routines for the core, booty, abs, and chest and a cool down with deep stretching. This UPLIFTING experience leaves you feeling strong and confident. 

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UpBeat Fitness was created in 2020 to offer boutique dance fitness classes currently specializing in SHiNE Dance Fitness™ and UPLIFT™ classes. We believe that working out should be fun AND effective. Let the time fly by and have a blast SHiNing and UPLIFTing with us, virtually or in-person. Meet your UpBeat Fitness instructors...

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Meet Your Instructors

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