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What is SHiNE Dance Fitness™?

SHiNE™ is a dance fitness exercise program that is getting global recognition for its simple yet effective choreography that is sure to make you sweat with a smile on your face. The choreography is rooted in traditional jazz, ballet and hip-hop and is designed for all dance abilities. We start class with our signature SHiNE warm-up and then increase intensity as the class progresses.


This high energy, booty shakin' class will give you a full body workout while dancing to the best pop and hip-hop music out there.The SHiNE dance floor is open to EVERY BODY. No dance experience necessary…. come as you are! 



UpBeat Fitness was created in 2020 to offer boutique dance fitness classes currently specializing in SHiNE Dance Fitness™. We believe that working out should be fun AND effective. Let the time fly by and have a blast SHiNing with us, virtually or in-person.

Meet your SHiNE Dance Fitness instructors...

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Passionate * Energetic * Inclusive

Getting fit while having fun is what you should expect in our SHiNE classes. I believe workouts should be fun, challenging and rewarding. As a fully accredited SPRA Group Fitness Trainer and certified SHiNE instructor, I aim to provide a safe space to have fun, let loose and get a wicked workout.

As the owner of UpBeat Fitness, I want fitness to be accessible for all, so I provide in-person and virtual SHiNE classes at affordable rates. Check out the first class free pass and first month rates. Let's SHiNE together!


You can join Anne-Marie virtually Mondays & Wednesdays or in-person Tuesdays @Point Fitness & Fridays @VIBEyxe!​

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Energetic * Supportive * Fun


I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and rugby, and always loved to dance!  Keeping active is important to me and as a busy mom it's difficult to prioritize ME time! I found SHiNE in 2020 and have been a certified instructor in 2022. SHiNE class is where I can connect with other people, have some fun and laughs, get a good sweat, and I always leave feeling better than when I started. 

You can catch Janelle teaching SHiNE Dance Fitness™ classes Thursdays at Studio 12 Music and Co!

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