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Meet Mel!

Mel’s Story

Ten years ago, Mel was just finishing chemo from her first battle with breast cancer. SHiNE was just what she needed at the time. She saw a sign on the side of the road and followed her nudge to check it out! Since that day, Mel has become a significant contributor and invaluable asset to SHiNE and our community. She is responsible for helping us get into the first gym. She helped Kendall launch her first instructor training. She is a talented choreographer and ROCKSTAR Instructor. She is an incredible listener and gives great advice. She makes everything fun! Mel has truly played an integral role in making SHiNE what it is today, but her biggest contribution of all has been her friendship with everyone in this community.

In January 2020, Mel learned that a different form of breast cancer had returned. In true Mel form, she took on the battle and almost made it look easy! (We know it wasn't, but to protect those around her, she always kept it together.) She endured chemo, a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and BOOM! She was right back on the dance floor doing what she loves.

Fast forward about a year. Mel began to cough often and just...didn't feel well. Her energy was dragging, but she thought (hoped!) she had contracted a virus and was just dealing with some "lingering" symptoms. She showed up to our SHiNE Instructor Summit like a BOSS, but since that big event, she has not had the energy to do the things she loves most. It was time to get serious, seek medical attention and get to the bottom of her chronic symptoms.

After several tests, doctors confirmed that the breast cancer has metastasized to Mel's liver and lungs. She is surrounded by proactive, optimistic doctors who have given us a lot of hope. Mel's strength is making us LEVEL UP. She has a big heart and is the most gracious and thoughtful person. This news can't be turned into "unicorns and rainbows," but we need to stay in the moment with Mel and lift her up at every turn. Focus on the good, love, humor, service, and most of all: focus on support for our our girl through this fight.

How to Support Melanie Krueger Webb

Follow her journey and leave messages of love and support on her Caring Bridge:

Give a financial gift via Mel’s GoFundMe to help support ongoing treatments that are not covered by insurance and other resources for her and her family.

Send “Mel Mail” to the address below. Every note of encouragement she receives boosts her spirits more than you know!



PO BOX 2526

Eagle, ID 83616

We ♥ you Mel!

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