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SHiNE Dance Fitness @Point Fitness

Did you Know?

SHiNE Dance Fitness w/Anne-Marie offers two in-person classes a week. Tuesday classes are at Point Fitness Club on 1200 Central Avenue and Thursday classes are at Studio 12 on Boychuk near 8th street.

All classes are accessible with your UpBeat Fitness passes. A membership at Point Fitness Club is not required to attend Tuesday classes. If you are a member of the Point Fitness Club, then you can get access to the SHiNE classes as well for an additional small fee.

Don't forget - for the month of January - when you buy a month pass with UpBeat Fitness, you also get a month membership at Point Fitness! Give the gift of SHiNE to a friend or family member with the egift card where they can redeem for a month pass and also get the free month membership at Point Fitness.

Give the gift of SHiNE that keeps on giving!

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