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New SHiNE™ class!

Join SHiNE Dance Fitness w/Anne-Marie for a new SHiNE class at Point Fitness Club. Come party Tuesdays at 6:45-7:30pm for a 45min class.

Good news Saskatoon!

SHiNE Dance Fitness w/Anne-Marie is offering a 2nd class Tuesday evenings at Point Fitness Club (1220 Central ave.)

You now have 2 class options:

🦄 1-hour SHiNE class 5:30-6:30pm

🦄 45 min SHiNE class 6:45-7:30pm

A 45min playlist will provide you a shorter class option if you want to build up to a hour class, if the time works better for you or you have less time to commit to a class.

The same playlist will be used for both classes but will be adapted to fit for the new class length.

So what do you say? More SHiNE options to choose from with the same month pass!

Bring your friends. First class is always FREE. Just make sure everyone signs up for class on the website

Let’s SHiNE together Saskatoon!


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